Plextor-Tool-Applet - Properties Help

This applet allows you to change some parameters of your Plextor(r)/MMC CD-ROM/CD-R(W) drive.

The applet itself allows to chose the speed for all recognized SCSI devices (with MMC the presented speeds are assumed to be available, if not the next lower available speed is chosen).

With the properties page more options are available: For each drive the speed, the spindown value, and the volume of the internal analog output may be selected (although the spindown and volume selection does not work for all MMC drives; at least not with my Yamaha CDR400c).

For Plextor(r) CD-ROM drives additionally the speed mode bit can be set. When set the drive does not switch to lower speeds when read errors occur (which would be the default behaviour).

For Plextor PX-20TS or higher drives two additional parameters are available:

All settings are stored using the GNOME session management (which means the settings will be saved when the GNOME desktop ends). When the applet is restarted by the GNOME panel the settings previously chosen will be set again (for all devices with changes).

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Plextor-Tool-Applet - License

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