Plextor-Tool/Plextor-Tool-Applet News

plextor-tool/plextor-tool-applet 0.5.0 released

25.2.2002 / 10:00
by Georg Hüttenegger

Added the ability to adjust the volume of the internal analogue out. Fixed some bugs and got the permission from Plextor to publish my source. This means plextor-tool is now GPL software and you can download the source (the license of the old versions stays as it is). For the complete change list see NEWS.

plextor-tool/plextor-tool-applet 0.4.2 released

12.2.2001 / 20:00
by Georg Hüttenegger

Just two minor fixes (therefore I did not provide new packages for all platforms): Better command line handling and the applet no longer keeps the scsi generic devices it does NOT use open (a silly error of mine).

plextor-tool/plextor-tool-applet 0.4.1 released

6.1.2001 / 18:30
by Georg Hüttenegger

The fourth public release. Now works correctly with Linux 2.3/2.4 kernels and GNOME v1.2. Primary development platform changed to RedHat 7.0. Only users with up-to-date systems will benefit from the changes (for the complete list see NEWS).

plextor-tool/plextor-tool-applet 0.4.0 libc5/static/alpha/ppc versions released

4.11.1999 / 23:00
by Georg Hüttenegger

Added a libc5/static x86 version of plextor-tool (if you need another version or platform contact me). Added console binaries for alpha machines and console and gui binaries for powerpc machines.

plextor-tool/plextor-tool-applet 0.4.0 released

1.11.1999 / 12:00
by Georg Hüttenegger

The third public release. Support for MMC drives was added (for example Plextor CD-R(W) drives are MMC compliant). Besides bug fixes the major other changes only apply for the Linux version: A GNOME applet has been added, RPMs are provided, a man page was added, Makefiles for installation, .... For the complete list see NEWS. At the moment only x86 binaries are available. Expect to see more files in the next days (especially when a specific version is requested. Nevertheless I do not have all necessary accounts - only roots may build RPMs, and a recent GNOME version is not installed on some of the machines I have accounts).

plextor-tool 0.1.0 released

11.2.1999 / 18:09
by Georg Hüttenegger

The second public release. The available options are now better accessible, new options were added (controlling settings regarding read errors/...), and some support for Windows was added. For the full list of changes see NEWS.

plextor-tool 0.0.1 released

14.1.1999 / 20:13
by Georg Hüttenegger

This is the first public release of the plextor-tool.

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